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Financial Times – 1/23/12

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“The Street has less appetite for bonds, and when ETFs need to sell, there is potential for an ugly reversal,” says Michael Kastner, a principal at Halyard Investment Management. “As rates move higher we will start to see investment managers sell lower-quality paper.”   Fears grow over investment-grade debt

December 2012 – Commentary

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As 2012 came to a conclusion, Congress continued to bicker over the details of the fiscal cliff settlement.  With across-the-board tax hikes and spending cuts looming and the Republican Party weakened by Speaker of the House Boehner’s failed “plan B” bluff, a compromise was reached on the last day of the year.  As it stands, taxes will rise on families making more than $450,000 while no real concessions were made on spending or the debt ...

Financial Times – 1/11/13

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“Investors are over-optimistic on earnings and we think the debt and fiscal issues could come back to bite the market hard,” said Michael Kastner, principal at Halyard Asset Management. Billions pumped into global equities