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Financial Times – 1/20/15

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“Volatility always increases at the start of the year, but this time, we are really seeing people buying into the US bond market on the assumption benchmark rates will stay very low until at least 2016,” said Michael Kastner, a managing principal at Halyard Asset Management. Mr Kastner said such “aggressive” bond buying was “risky”. “There’s a false sense of security out there among many investors regarding the Fed’s next moves,” he said. “Look at how low ...

Financial Times – 1/9/15

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Michael Kastner, principal at Halyard Asset Management, says the benefits of cheaper oil prices will more than offset a shakeout for the energy industry. “We still expect the Fed will raise rates and we could be at 1 per cent by the end of the year,” says Mr Kastner. Deflation fears blur interest rate outlook

December 2014 Monthly Commentary

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December 2014 As we expected, volatility remained elevated in December despite holiday-abbreviated trading. As 2014 came to a close, investors were decidedly at odds over the growth prospects for the economy and the risk and reward inherent in the capital markets. The growth bulls, with whom we include ourselves, believe that evidence abounds that growth has accelerated and will continue for the foreseeable future. Data released during the month was surprisingly strong. New cars continued to sell ...