Reserve Cash Management (RCM)

The Reserve Cash Management (“RCM”) strategy was started by Halyard’s Principals during the IPO dot-com era of the late 1990’s as a way to help Technology and Internet entrepreneurs manage their newly realized wealth. The philosophy to maximize after tax total return on their cash, while simultaneously emphasizing capital preservation and income became extremely popular among these newly minted high net worth individuals.  Taking an actively managed approach to cash assets may result in added value over the long term.

Over 20 years later, the principles guiding the RCM strategy have not changed and are even more important during this current time of bank uncertainty and ultra low interest rates.  RCM may serve as a core cash balance or as a temporary strategy prior to building out a longer term investment allocation in other asset classes for family offices, institutions, HNW individuals and professional athletes.

Key features of the RCM strategy are:

–     Customizable portfolio tailored to the clients liquidity needs, return parameters and risk appetite

–     Securities are held in the clients name by a 3rd party custodian

–     Able to be implemented for various tax strategies

–     Access to a dedicated portfolio manager with over 20 years of fixed income experience